Effective Inclusion and Participation for Children with Disabilities

Project Title:

Effective inclusion and participation for children with disabilities in quality education, health and social services in Zambia.

Summary of Project:

The project works to contribute to non-discriminatory access to quality inclusive education, health and social justice by children with disabilities (CWD) in Zambia. This will enhance the protection of the human rights of CWD and respect for their inherent dignity. The partners on the project have designed a comprehensive intervention to ensure the Rights of CWD to inclusive education, health services and social justice are promoted and protected through the provision of paralegal services at community level and through advocating for effective implementation of the Persons with Disability Act, The National Policy on Disability and enactment of the Mental Health Bill.

The work at the different levels will benefit at least 1,500 CWD in Chipata and Chadiza districts and their families, including approximately 750 girls, and 250 children with mental disabilities as well as a larger number of children with disabilities, in particular with mental disabilities at the national level.

The project is funded by the European Union and the Austrian Development Agency