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Press Statements


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24th October 2023.



As Zambia celebrates its 59th Independence Day today, Disability Rights Watch calls for a deeper reflection and focus on human rights and dignity for all as a cornerstone for true independence.

We are proud to join the nation in commemorating this historic occasion. On this momentous day, we reflect on our nation’s journey towards independence and recommit ourselves to the ideals of unity, justice, and equality for all Zambians, including those with disabilities.

The theme for this year’s Independence Day, “Accelerating National Development Through Equitable Distribution of Resources,” resonates deeply with our organization’s mission. DRW recognizes the significance of ensuring that persons with disabilities have equal access to resources, opportunities, and services in the quest for national development. We believe that a truly independent and prosperous Zambia can only be achieved when every citizen, regardless of their abilities, is given a fair chance to participate in and benefit from the country’s progress.

Empowering persons with disabilities is a pillar of national development. The theme emphasizes the importance of resource allocation that leaves no one behind. Persons with disabilities, who make up significant part of Zambia’s population, must be at the forefront of development efforts. To achieve this, we call for; Inclusive Education, we urge the government to invest in an inclusive education system that accommodates the diverse needs of all learners, regardless of their abilities. This will enable persons with disabilities to gain skills and knowledge, enhancing their participation in the workforce and contributing to the nation’s development.

Accessible Infrastructure, development projects should prioritize accessibility for persons with disabilities. Ensuring public spaces, transportation and government facilities are accessible promotes equal participation and contributes to economic growth. Persons with disabilities also need employment opportunities as it is a right for them to participate in the workforce. Encouraging businesses to create inclusive employment opportunities not only promotes economic growth but also reduces poverty and inequality.

As we celebrate this Independence Day, Disability Rights Watch calls on all Zambians, policymakers and stakeholders to join us in advocating for a more inclusive and equitable nation. We believe that equitable distribution of resources, when inclusive of persons with disabilities, will accelerate our journey towards national development and social harmony.

Let us embrace the theme of this year’s Independence Day and work together to build a Zambia where every citizen has an equal opportunity to contribute to benefit from our nation’s prosperity.

Issued by

Joan Zulu

Communications and Advocacy Officer