Press Statement for Immediate Release LUSAKA Wednesday, June 1st, 2022 DRW press statement on the continuous voter registration doc DRW press statement on the continuous voter registration.pdf DRW COMMENDS ECZ FOR STARTING CONTINUOUS VOTER REGISTRATION AND CALL FOR CONTINUOUS VOTER EDUCATION TOO. Disability Rights Watch is delighted that the Electoral Commission of Zambia has finally started the continuous voter registration…

DESIGNING AN INCLUSIVE ELECTORAL SYSTEM-Enhancing political participation of persons with disabilities

· The full and equitable participation of persons with disabilities in political
and public life is essential to building and sustaining strong, vibrant
· The abilities of persons with disabilities to participate equally in politics as
activists, voters, members of civil society, party members or leaders,
government officials and elected leaders results in tangible gains for
· The current design and structure of the Zambian electoral system has not
only excluded persons with disabilities but made it difficult for them to
actively participate in the electoral processes especially as candidates.
· Participation of women with disabilities in political and public life is one of
the key characteristics of an inclusive democracy.
· An inclusive electoral process is vital for inclusive national development as
it creates an environment for all citizens to contribute positively.
· The implementation of an inclusive electoral system to enhance the
participation of persons with disabilities will require the existence of an
anti-discrimination legal framework that prohibits all forms of
discrimination on the basis of disability.
· An inclusive electoral system depends on the availability and provision of
support services and devices: It is insufficient to have a strong anti-
discrimination legal framework, or accessible environments and services.
Some persons with disabilities may require different forms of assistance
and support to live and fully participate in electoral processes including in
their communities.
· Vital lessons can be drawn from the design and implementation of electoral
quota systems from other jurisdictions to inform Zambia’s inclusive
electoral system design.


The Global Disability Summit is finally here. The international Disability Alliance (IDA), the Government of Norway, and the Government of Ghana are hosting the second Global Disability Summit from 16-17 February 2022 in Oslo Norway. The event is being held on a digital platform due to the Covid19 pandemic. The summit will mobilize efforts of the implementation of the United…


  DRW DIRECTOR EDITORIAL COMMENT The year 2021 was significantly a politically charged year because of the general elections which took place on 12th August. It was a year of uncertainty in terms of which political party would emerge victorious between the UPND and the PF under the leadership of the then election candidates Mr. Hakainde Hichilema and Mr. Edgar…

Global Disability Summit 2022 – Commitments to create a more Disability Inclusive Zambia

Zambia is one of the prominent and outstanding countries that have committed to respect and fulfil the rights and fundamental freedoms of persons with disabilities. This is demonstrated through the ratification of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities just within two years from the time it came into force in 2008. After the ratification of the Convention,…

Terms of Reference and Call for Abstracts

The disability movement in Zambia spearheaded by Disability Rights Watch (DRW) has been among other pertinent issues advocating for the revision of the National Policy on Education (Educating Our Future Policy), the Curriculum Development Framework, administration and marking of examination for children with disabilities especially those with hearing and visual impairments. This is in line with international human rights instruments…